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Dotcom unit

The dotcom business unit of the largest Dutch Telco operates one of the top ten internet sites in the country which handles millions of requests each day. All website traffic is stored in special logfiles by the content management system and needs to be integrated, cleansed, transformed and stored in a datawarehouse to enable analysis and reporting. The toolkit used to accomplish  this is Business Objects Data Integrator in combination with Business Objects WebIntelligence. The project is also available as a case study at Business Objects Netherlands. Click here for details (in Dutch)

Project lead, analysis, design & development of datawarehouse, ETL process, universe and reports, training of users and administrators

BI frontend
Business Objects Enterprise 6.5.1; Business Objects Set Analyzer

Data warehouse
ETL: Business Objects Data Integrator 6.5.1
RDBMS: Oracle 9.2

* GX Webmanager (site logs)
* Unix/Apache (weblogs)
* Custom database (Oracle)