The next wave in BI

BI/DWH Consulting

Everything we do is about 'Business Intelligence', or 'BI' in short. BI is “a set of concepts and methodologies to improve decision making in business through use of facts and fact-based systems” (Howard Dresner). So it's not about technology, although technology is a big part of it, but the combination of organization, processes, technology and a clearly defined BI strategy that will help you make these better decisions. That's ultimately what BI is all about: making better decisions. It's our job to help you get there.

Installing a new software package, accessing a database and creating a couple of reports is a futile activity nowadays which anyone with a basic understanding of computer technology can undertake. You don't have to hire an expensive consultant to do that for you. The tricky part however is the real 'implementation', meaning to make sure that a solution becomes part of the genes of the organization so that everyone can reap the benefits from it. Not only that, an organization should become completely self supporting in using, managing and extending the results of the project. It is only then that we call a new system 'implemented'.

From the above description it is easy to see that we only do projects. A project has a clearly defined start and end date, and a clearly defined set of deliverables. These deliverables invariably consist of a working solution, a robust technical infrastructure, the accompanying management processes and last but not least: trained employees. Our goal is your independence from external support and consulting after delivering the solution.

Since we gained ample experience in every aspect of implementing BI solutions, Tholis Consulting is capable of performing every required role in a project. Whether it's software selection, project managment, ETL design and development or training your employees in using the new tool set: your success starts with Tholis!

Open Source Business Intelligence seminar/evaluation

There's a growing interest in using Open Source software for applications such as datawarehousing, reporting and data mining. The market for these tools is evolving rapidly and though some parts of the BI stack are very mature and are feature wise on par with their commercial counterparts, there's a need for objective and extensive knowlegde about these products and technologies. That's the reason we developed several courses which will help you get a quick overview of Open Source BI to help you determine whether this technology is applicable for your organization. Duration varies from one hour to two days, with the latter containing hands on workshops and demo's so you'll be able to experience the different products first hand. Please look at the home page for upcoming publicly available sessions or contact us for in house options.