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Pentaho Training


As the Pentaho Authorized Training partner for the Dutch speaking part of the world (Belgium & the Netherlands), we offer several options to get the most of your Pentaho installation or trial. Both public classes and on-site training sessions are available. For public classes, check the home page.

For on-site or custom made Pentaho training, please contact us directly


Data Management for BI

The 2 day Fundamentals training is developed for in-company delivery and covers a wide range of topics to get people up to speed on datawarehousing and BI. Topics covered in the training are:

Day 1


  • Business Intelligence 101: history and rationale

  • Transactions versus analytics: why a separate database?

  • Trends in BI: “Big Data”, Predictive Analytics, Visualization, Self Service BI, Mobile

  • The new world: NoSQL and Map/Reduce

Dimensional Modeling

  • Facts and dimensions: building the Star Schema

  • Handling history: Slowly Changing dimensions

  • Workshop: Starring Steel Wheels

Data Warehouse Architectures

  • The 5 types of data warehousing

  • Inmon's Corporate Information Factory versus Kimball's Bus Architecture

  • DWH 2.0: what's new?

  • Best of both worlds: how to integrate NoSQL solutions

Data Vault 101

  • Benefits of using the Data Vault

  • Basic building blocks: Hubs, Links and Satellites

  • Workshop: a Steel Wheels Data Vault

Day 2

Data Vault in depth

  • Data Vault Modeling do's and dont's

  • Data layers: staging in/out, the 'raw' and 'business' data vault

  • Advanced topics: point in time views & data marts

Data Integration

  • ETL, ELT, EII and EAI: differences and similarities

  • Data Federation: DI's silver bullet?

  • Physical versus virtual integration

  • Latency issues: the realtime enterprise

  • Tools and technologies overview; integrated versus best of breed

  • Capturing Changed Data: challenges and solutions

  • Loading the Data Vault

  • Workshop: ETL design for loading Steel Wheels

Data Analysis

  • Analytical instruments: dashboards, reports and ad-hoc reports

  • The abstraction layer: user vs data objects

  • OLAP & MDX explained

  • A picture is worth a thousand words: visualizing with Tableau

  • Workshop: Relational vs OLAP ad-hoc reporting (with Pentaho)

Data Governance

  • Data Governance topic overview

  • Master and Meta data management

  • Data Quality & Data Profiling

Summary and Q&A

  • Putting it all together

  • Tips and links for further reading


Please contact us for pricing and availability.

SAP-BO Data Integration training

We offer a 4-day on-site data integration training to help database administrators, developers and BI professionals acquire the necessary skills to design and develop ETL solutions for their company. Currently this training is available for Business Objects Data Integrator and has a 2*2 days format, where the first two days are used to learn the tool, and the second two days to learn how to use it in a real-world scenario. The larger part of the second block consists of a case where the participants develop a new datamart from scratch based on a transaction database. After completing the course, participants have the basic skills and tool knowledge needed for members of a data warehouse team or BI competency center.


Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Program and pricing for Dutch BO Data Integrator training available here.