The next wave in BI


Broadcast organization

The Dutch Public Broadcast organization needed a centralized data management and information delivery solution. Their existing solution consisted of a large and diverse collection of Excel spreadsheets and a lot of manual re-entry of data. Not only the analysis and reporting environment needed attention: some critical business processes ran on Excel as well which led to an  unmanageable situation. It was decided to use a phased approach in which a basic BI infrastructure was implemented while in parallel the much anticipated source systems were designed and developed as well. This resulted in a series of highly interdependent and challenging projects but ultimately enabled the organization to better manage the operation and deliver better, more timely, accurate and reliable information to both internal and external stakeholders. Decido was the lead organization in this project and was responsible for delivering these results. 


BI Architect, responsible for all BI infrastructure & architecture related matters

BI frontend
Cognos8 (with Dundas Gauge)

ETL: Business Objects Data Integrator
RDBMS: SQL Server 2005

Source systems
* CSV files exported from a broad range of systems
* External files delivered as HTML tables
* SQL Server 2005 (custom)