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31/12/2012 13:50

Beyond Big Data: the silent trends in IT & BI

  Intro As the end of 2012 is nearing, many analyts and market watchers are posting their insights on how 2013 will look like, what major trends can be seen and how we should prepare ourselves for those developments. And as always, if you have followed the general trade press, visited...


26/04/2010 11:40

InfiniDB: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Last week the BBBT was visited by startup database company Calpont, although 'startup' hardly fits the bill considering the fact that the company was founded in 2000. I won't go into the company nor the BBBT session details; you can find the last one here. What I do want to blog about is the...


12/04/2010 16:18

Paraccel does it again?

Today analytic database vendor Paraccel announced another record breaking TPC-H benchmark result for the 1TB size segment. There are indeed a couple of things to be proud of here: the Price/QphH now matches Kickfires overall lowest result, and they beat Oracle by a nice margin in pure performance....


01/02/2010 08:48

What's missing in Gartners latest BI MQ?

I haven't seen the full text yet but did get hold of the MQ image from this Oracle blog that also contains some interesting observations and snippets from the full text. What you don't see however in this blog is the movement and reshuffling that took place between the 2009 and 2010 editions of the...


27/01/2010 23:12

TPC-H fun with Greenplum (single node edition)

Introduction There's a nice quote on the Greenplum site from Brian Dolan, Fox Interactive Media which says “Very impressed with the speed... 3 minutes to do a sum on 100 million rows of data”. That pretty much sums it up. I wouldn't consider that anything to be proud of; 3 minutes to do a...


09/01/2010 19:52

Excel taking the BI crown in 2010?

2010 is well on its way and many of you posted their insights and predictions for the upcoming year. No need to add to those posts; the ones by Nenshad Bardoliwalla (with some excellent comments from Neil Raden) and James Kobelius pretty much sum it up, and are also linked to from many other...


05/10/2009 12:54

Pentaho, quo vadis?

The acquisition Today Pentaho announced the acquisition of parts of the LucidEra BI solution (formerly called 'ClearView') to replace the current OLAP client JPivot. For the past couple of years JPivot has been the ugly duck in the Pentaho BI solution but although there are better/prettier open...


02/08/2009 11:03

Hardware adventures

I've been assembling computers for over 10 years now, and even built PC based rack mounted servers for a company I was involved in. The advantages of building your own machines are of course the lower costs and the freedom to select and mix the best/cheapest/fastest components available (these...


26/07/2009 12:52

Open Source & Dutch Politics

No, this isn't about the Dutch government and their efforts to promote Open Source & Open Standards, but during the trip back home from our holiday destination the following analogy occurred to me. In the Netherlands, we have a very fragmented multi-party political system. This means...


08/02/2009 12:37

Open Source Data Warehousing?

The economic downturn is causing an increasing interest in using open source (OS) solutions for BI. One of my previous blogposts already raised the issue of the missing pieces in open source analytical databases, but nevertheless more and more companies are using OS databases for data warehouse...