The next wave in BI


15/01/2009 20:53

Who's going to buy SPSS?

2009 will be a turning point for the so called 'business analytics' market. While ETL, reporting and OLAP have become more of a commodity and merely belong to the basic set of tools needed for doing business, organizations can still beat the competition with the smart use of advanced analytics. Now...


07/11/2008 11:52

Where are the open source analytical databases?

Over the last few months several announcements have been made by different vendors having blended open source BI solutions with high speed analytical databases. Though this might seem good news at first, it also shows something else. Why would companies like Jaspersoft and Pentaho join forces with...


16/10/2008 12:43

Bye bye Google Apps

Last summer I decided to give up my locally managed Email service and switch to a Premier Edition Google apps account. Sounded great, 25GB of mail storage and guaranteed uptime of 99,9% in any given month!. Well, last night around 19:15 I got this nice '502' error     At 20:00 I started...


11/10/2008 13:51

Until 'Madison' arrives, Microsoft SQL Server runs faster on Linux

Visitors of the latest BI summit of the Seattle based software giant were awed by a first demo of project Madison, which is basically a Windows/SQL Server based version of the recently acquired appliance vendor Datallegro. Microsoft showed how a 150 TB (yes, that's Tera, not Giga) database could...


03/08/2008 21:31

Performance Management, Vacation style

The past few weeks were dedicated to my racing bike, lying in the sun, spending time with my family, sleeping in, do some sight seeing and cultural trips and being with friends. Well, those were my initial plans about a month ago. And though I did all of these things, most of my time was spent on...


17/07/2008 10:22

Sun vs Open Source

As you might know, there’s not a lot of OS database modelling stuff out there, but for MySQL databases, it was easy: we all used DBDesigner. It was open source, did forward and reverse engineering and could do schema and model comparisons. Basically all the functionality that you want but which you...