The next wave in BI

Who's going to buy SPSS?

15/01/2009 20:53

2009 will be a turning point for the so called 'business analytics' market. While ETL, reporting and OLAP have become more of a commodity and merely belong to the basic set of tools needed for doing business, organizations can still beat the competition with the smart use of advanced analytics. Now most large BI vendors offer a full suite of analytical capabilities (some more mature than others with SAS of course as the leader of the pack) but the industry giants SAP/Business Objects and IBM/Cognos both have an OEM agreement with SPSS. So the question is: which of the two is going to buy them and will cut off the analytical lifeline of their main competitor? My bet's on IBM. What do you think?




Date: 03/08/2009

By: jan henderyckx

Subject: Your bet

It was indeed IBM. Now the question is what it'll be the impact on SAP.