The next wave in BI

Performance Management, Vacation style

03/08/2008 21:31

The past few weeks were dedicated to my racing bike, lying in the sun, spending time with my family, sleeping in, do some sight seeing and cultural trips and being with friends. Well, those were my initial plans about a month ago. And though I did all of these things, most of my time was spent on getting my new Linux server up and running, trying to get Ubuntu running on my tablet laptop as well, building my new website, writing a couple of articles for database magazine (not finished yet, sorry Hans), working on my Pentaho book, preparing the course material for my upcoming data integration training, and catching up reading. So where did I go wrong? I did have a goal (a well rested and tanned Jos by the end of July), a strategy (no appointments, few deadlines, no travelling), strong sponsorship (my wife and kids) and lots of plans (just read the first sentence again). It must be my own hidden agenda which states that there are always fun and interesting things to do, even though most people would call these things 'work'. So although this hidden agenda made me miss my initial goal, I accomplished lots of others which will make the next few months a lot easier to cope with. Maybe I didn't do that bad after all.