The next wave in BI

Seminar program

Open Source Primer

  • The Open Source promise
  • Definitions & licenses
  • Development model
  • Myths, facts and fables
  • Linux versus Windows

Open Source BI Overview

  • Business Intelligence introduction
  • The 'BI Stack': components & maturity levels
  • OS BI Suites: JasperSoft, Pentaho and SpagoBI

Data Warehousing

  • BI Suites in depth
  • SpagoBI, JasperSoft and Pentaho (incl. demo!)
  • Reporting tools compared
  • Eclipse as BI development platform?
  • The all-in-one Ingres Icebreaker solution
  • Open Source BI compared to MISOS (Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and SAS)
  • Mix & match: using Open Source in a closed source architecture
  • Open BI methodologies: Mike 2.0 & Agile data warehousing

Enterprise Performance Management and analytics

  • Open Source EPM solutions?
  • OLAP, Data mining and statistics
  • Planning and budgeting
  • OpenOffice as BI tool ?
  • Portals & Dashboards

Implementing Open Source BI

  • The case for OS BI: When and where to apply Open Source solutions
  • Managing risk: OS BI implementation do's and dont's
  • BI is never free: how to calculate the TCO for OS BI?
  • How about implementation partners, support, tailoring and required skills ?
  • Getting started: where to begin and how to proceed?

Summary and conclusions

  • Analyst perspectives
  • The future of Open Source BI