The next wave in BI

Dama International Conference

Over the last two years a new generation of analytical databases hit the market that showed a radically different architecture and proved a better, (much) faster and cheaper answer to the ever increasing analytical workloads. We’re talking of products like Vertica, Paraccel, Exasol, Dataupia and InfoBright who mostly use a combination of column based storage, MPP hardware and aggressive compression to reach performance gains up to 200 times compared to a traditional RDBMS. This session is about a new generation of hi-speed databases, the reasons why only recently it became feasible to build such systems (i.e.: vast improvements and cost reductions in hardware components!), the way they achieve this spectacular performance gains and how fast they really are, both in real world and industry benchmarks such as TPC-H. And last but not least: how do they compare on pricing and licensing options?