The next wave in BI

ParAccel, JasperSoft and Talend Collaborate to Deliver Integrated High Performance Business Analytics Platform

04/11/2008 09:00

From the joined announcement: "ParAccel, Inc., JasperSoft Corporation and Talend today announced a collaboration to deliver an integrated, end-to-end environment for high performance analytic processing. The analytic solution combines the best in open source and commercial software into a quick-to-implement and extremely cost-effective platform for integrating and analyzing large amounts of business-critical information at record-breaking speeds."

This is interesting news in the sense that it shows an increasing effort of different vendors to blend both proprietary and open source software in an integrated BI stack. Pentaho has similar references with Vertica and Netezza, showing the viability of using an open source BI solution on top of leading edge analytical databases.